"...I know that Cameron has internalised a lot of Edwin’s teachings and he will draw
on this wisdom for the rest of his life.

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Head Instructor:

martial arts teaching stillnessEdwin Edelstein began martial arts training at university whilst studying business and law. Training under a genuinely knowledgeable teacher (who was also a psychologist) was physically and emotionally transformative. After 7 years Edwin was invited to becomes an instructor and taught the methods that had facilitated his shift:
Cultivation of individuality expressed as enthusiasm, encouragement and empathy continues to underpin all his teaching.


After graduating and qualifying as an instructor, Edwin began working in the legal field and during a break he was invited to teach a few home educated children and at a new independent, pre-preparatory school. Drawing on his vivid memories of his childhood struggle with physical activity he adapted his art to support his student's entry into physical culture. His classes were an immediate success and the enthusiasm that greeted his teaching convinced him to leave law and devote himself fully to teaching.


randoriEdwin immersed himself in the philosophies and cultures that gave birth to these exquisite arts; he exchanged knowledge with other teachers and studied the martial arts canon. During this time Edwin trained intensely, he practised Tai Chi and allowed himself to be moved, influenced and inspired by nature and the seasons.


Eventually his student body grew in size and complexity and it was not possible to continue experimenting. At this point he formalised and documented his syllabus and this process crystallised many of the philosophical principles and insights that imbued his teaching. With this clarity he felt confident to offer his system to a broader audience.


seizaIn 2008 Edwin was promoted to the rank of senior instructor and invited to represent Fanchento in the UK. He now teaches over 250 children a week and at 6 schools. Over the years students have included the children of presidents, royalty and numerous UHNWIs.


Edwin is a doctoral candidate researching the benefits of martial arts training for children at Middlesex university UK.


Edwin continues to teach under the personal direction of his long time teacher Marc Kahn.